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Homepool Fingerless Gloves

Produktnummer: P81715

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A modern, versatile version of a traditional fingerless glove, made from 2.5mm neoprene for reliable warmth.

Others might wait for skim ice to thaw and the days to warm, but you need to fish. Now. Of course, you also need to keep your fingers nimble enough to tie knots and grip line. Our Homepool Fingerless Gloves warm the hands, protect against stinging slush and—most importantly—the open palms provide direct contact with cork for maximum grip and sensitivity. Made from toasty 2.5mm neoprene with a 95% polyester (51% recycled)/5% elastane inverted microgrid insulated lining, the Homepools give you everything your hands need in cold weather without losing touch. They come in handy in warmer weather, too—the Homepools just happen to double as perfect beverage cozies.


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